Dinosaurs Vocalization

 "Research-driven approach resulting in a very distinct methods of rebuilding Dinosaurs vocalization" 

DFAD Research Lab

Hyperloop Transportation Audio

 "The New Age of Transportation envisioned by Elon Musk comes with the Audio that we make"

DFAD Audio Branding

Automotive Acoustics

 "Developing and implementing sound applications that enhance automotive interfaces, navigation systems; contributing to interactive, comfortable and ultimately safer driving experience" 

DFAD Audio Branding

Mixed Reality Mixing (MR/VR/AR)

 "Spatial, Binaural, 3D, or 360 realtime, object based mixing of dialogue, sound and music for relevant to Virtual and Augmented Reality mediums

DFAD Interactive

Accurate Historical Period Depiction

 "In order for fans to believe and dive into the world you're creating, we work with historians and museums to build environments, focusing on details like firearms, battles, period slang, dialects, local crafts, tools, instruments or location climate difference" 

DFAD Research Lab

Real Military Field Recordings

 "Designing historically accurate weapons and vehicles easier when you have it captured in real life" 

DFAD Audio Post

Iconic Voices Reproduction

 "Network of voice actors who specialize in voicing different historical figures and celebrities" 

DFAD Audio Branding

Solutions for MMO's and Mobile Games 

 "From gamedevs, to gamedevs with creative and technically advanced audio solutions for projects on any platform, every size and scope, high quality and rapid paced pipeline for production and multilingual VO." 

DFAD Interactive

Symphonic Orchestra Simulation

 "Realistic reproduction of a symphonic orchestra without live instruments, using only digital tools and unique approach to the process" 

DFAD Research Lab

DFAD Interactive
DFAD Audio Post
DFAD Audio Branding
DFAD Research Lab
 Custom, Scoring (AAA and Premium Casual), Music Supervision and Licensing (Celebrities, Rising Stars, A&R and Legal Support, First class Intel), Editing, Live Musicians (Small Jazz band to 120 pieces Orchestra, Choir), Orchestra Digital Simulation, Non-Linear Composition, Co-Composition, Ghostwriting, Improvement and Re-Mixing, Direction, Temp Tracks Arrangement, Consulting.

Sound Design and Editing (SFX, Environments and Interiors), Massive and Epic Multitrack Soundscapes, Ambiences Simulations, Foley and Field Complex Recording (Vehicle/Weapons/Crowds), Sound Editing Supervision and Direction.
Global ADR/VO/Dubbing services (58 Languages, Domestic, International, “dead” Languages, Pre-historical Speech Creation), Dialogue Editing, Direction, Lipsync, Walla, Deep Cultural Adaptation, Targeted Accents and Dialects Casting (Union, Non-Union), Voice Alikes, Hottest Rising Stars and Celebrities, Negotiations (Personal Relationships, Agents, Talents), Facial Capture, QC, VO Live Processing, VO Design (Creatures, Aliens, Monsters), Global Consistent VO Processing (Keeping Original VO Effects), eSports Broadcast, Restoration.
Re-Recording Mixing, Dynamic Mixing (Stereo 2D, DTS, THX, 5.1, 7.1, Dolby Atmos, DTS X, Auro 3D, Binaural 3D for all Existing Devices, Platforms, Internet or Theaters), Spatial Audio Mixing (AR/VR, Mixed Reality), M&E Mixing, Finishing, iMAX conf.
File Integration (Routing, Systems, Modulations), Parametrization, Acoustics Dynamics, Real Physical Objects Binaural Simulation, Platform Performance Optimization, Mix and Loudness Optimization, Audio Debug Tests. Engines, Middleware and Platforms audio porting: FMOD, Wwise, Unreal 4, CryEngine, Unity, Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, PC, Mac, iOS, Android incl VR/AR/MR platforms. 
Strategy Consulting
In-depth, Up-to-date Development and Consulting of Concepts and Strategies, Acoustic Design of Spaces and Events, Playlists Supervision, Rights Clearing. Monitoring of sound applications, Consumer & Market Research, Intelligence and Trend Analysis, TA Focus Group Tests, Product Sound Packaging, Quality and Brand Consistency Management, POS-Audio, Sonication/Sonic Interaction, Music Activation & Sponsorships.