XR Mixing and Implementation 

"Spatial, Binaural, 3D, or 360 realtime, object based mixing of dialogue, 

sound and music for Virtual and Augmented Reality mediums"

by DFAD Interactive

Prehistoric Soundscapes

 "Research-driven approach resulting in very distinct methods of rebuilding 

lost sound worlds based on script, concept art, locations and period analysis" 

DFAD Research Lab

Hyperloop TT Acoustics

 "The New Age of Transportation envisioned by Elon Musk 

comes with the Audio we produce"

DFAD Audio Branding

Automotive UX Audio and HMI

 "Design and Impmlementation of sound applications for 

automotive interfaces and interactive navigation systems" 

DFAD Interactive

UFC | NiBK Khabib Trailer

 “No deadline is too challenging. 10 days roduction. Released right before 

the Khabib-McGregor UFC fight with 5mil views in the first day" 

DFAD Production

Iconic Voices Reproduction

 "Through combination of casting and AI today we can reproduce voice of 

historical figures and celebrities in both original and alternative languages" 

DFAD Audio Post

Jets Field Recordings

 "Expertise recording military vehicles and weaponry 

in extreeme conditions sets us apart from the competition." 

DFAD Audio Post

Retail Audio

 "Offline and online Retail audio solutions that change 

perception and experience of the customer" 

DFAD Audio Branding

Traffic Lights Audio

 "Design and Integration of informative and unobtrusive Sound Effects for 

countdown timers, notifications, alerts and commands" 

DFAD Audio Branding

DFAD Audio Post
Feature Films | TV/Streaming,   Sport Events | Trailers | Cinematics Audio Books | Podcasts
DFAD Audio Branding
Campaigns | Consumer Brands Transportation | Tech | Sport Clubs Interiors/Exteriors | Cityscapes
DFAD Production
Audio Games | Audio Books | Tools Podcasts | Albums | Libraries
Sound Design, Editing and Supervision. Foley. Field Recording (Vehicle/Weapons/Creatures). Massive Multitrack Soundscapes recording for Dolby Atmos, Acoustic Simulation and In-Engine Programming. UX Audio. Sound Finishing, XR Location Audio.
Upmixing and Downmixing, M&E Mixing, Replacement, Finishing. Re-Recording Mixing (Stereo, 5.1, 7.1, Atmos, Auro 3D). Binaural Stereo, Spatial Audio for Streaming/Broadcast Platforms. Mixing for All Existing Devices. XR Support and XR Mixing. 
OST Composition and Complete Production. Music Direction, Solo Instrument Recordings, Orchestra, Choir and Bands Recordings (Scoring Stages Access in 11 countries, up to 180 piece) incl Remote Recordings. Mockup/Score prep. Music Editing and Score Mixing 5.1, Dolby Atmos Mix.  Wwise Non-Linear/Dynamic Music and Modular Synth Programming solutions. Music Supervision/Licensing (Territories Rights Clearing, Legal Support) incl First class Intel on top talents (Celebrities, Rising Stars, A&R). Re-Mastering/Remixing and Covers Production. Historical Period depiction.
Audio Files Integration (Wwise, FMOD, Unreal 4, 5, Unity, CryEngine) inc SpatialAudio acoustic pipeline setup, routing, systems, modulations, parametrization. Acoustics setup incl obstruction/occlusion/diffusion/portals hooks (C++, Blueprints) long term usage, continuous coding support.Platforms Mix and Loudness Optimization, Performance Optimization, Audio Debug Tests and Porting (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Stadia, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Wii U and various VR/AR platforms).  
Global ADR/VO/Dubbing (56 Languages, Domestic, International, “dead” and Pre-historic Languages), Dialogue Editing/Lipsync, Audio Localization Support, Walla, Deep Cultural Adaptation, Targeted Accents and Dialects Casting (Union, Non-Union), Voice Alikes, Hottest Rising Stars and Celebrities, MoCap Facial Capture, QC, VO Live Processing, VO Design (Creatures, Aliens, Monsters), VO Localization support with Consistent VO Processing, Negotiations with Talent (Personal Relationships).
Restoration of Degraded Audio Media. Ingesting Sound from over 150 legacy formats, Dolby E Encoding and Decoding Audio, HD and Standard Definition Formats (Audio Laybacks), Repair Transfer From ¼”, ½”, 1”, DAT, and DA88. Conform/Synchronization Laybacks to file/tape Dolby AC-3, Dolby E and DTS encoding Quality control Up-mixing mono/stereo to 5.1/7.1 CALM Act/EBU-R128 loudness compliance Archive migration Analog to digital audio transfer, Audio Bitstream Encoding, Audio Transfer (Analog, Digital, HD and Standard Definition Formats), Re-Dubbing, Audio Descriptive Soundtrack.
strategy consulting
In-depth, Up-to-date Development and Consulting of available Audio Technology, Concepts and Strategies, Acoustic Design of Venues and Rooms, Playlists on Demand subscription and Supervision, Rights Clearing. Monitoring of sound applications, Consumer & Market Research, Intelligence and Trend Analysis, TA Focus Group Tests, Product Sound Packaging, Quality and Brand Consistency Management, POS-Audio, Sonication/Sonic Interaction.
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